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Thursday, December 4, 2014
Gangnam Laser Clinic
Yes, since young, I've always have this wide angled face.
Partly because I have the habit of eating a lot, grinding and clenching my teeth
& jaw while sleeping!

So just a few weeks ago, Francesca and I went down to Gangnam Laser Clinic!
Hehe. I would like to give a shout-out to Dr Moses for helping me achieve my ideal V-face!
Yeah, don't judge me, it's one of the non evasive methods that can
help make my face sharper and look better in photos okay.

This is the outlet over at Raffles Place.
Really very convenient for someone like me who doesn't own a driver's license.

See my fat fat fat face?
Can't stand it. Every time I have to take a photo of myself, I always have to angle
it such that it wouldn't look fat! hehe!

Born with fat face, what to do?
Botox lor!

So right after consultation with Dr Moses, the nurse helped me remove all
the dirt on my face, and apply the numbing cream, which will be left
on my face for about 20 minutes.

See those two white patches there?
Those are smile lines that I told Dr Moses which I wanna get rid off as well.

Smile lines will gradually appear as you age.
The deeper they are, the older you look.
See, at 25 years old, I already have a little, and I really don't like them!

Understand already?
Thank god for fillers!

Then we moved on to solving my face face! :D

Dr Moses had to use some color pencil to make markings on my face,
so that he'd know which part to poke.
He told me to clench down hard so he can feel the jaw muscles
and that will be where he will be targeting at!

Ice pack to numb the cheeks, so that it wouldn't hurt when the needle goes in.

The botox solution which Gangnam uses.

Okay so question is, are fillers and botox safe?
To me, yes they are.
Firstly they are non-evasive methods to enhance your face.
And secondly the downtime is very minimal. Probably like 2-3 days?

Tadah! You can see how immediate the effects are!
Both procedures took less than 45 minutes and
it felt like a breeze because we were just chit-chatting all the way.
Honestly, painful? Nehhhh. 5/10 only!

If you wanna beautiful, how painful also you must endure one what!
Oh, also do note that botox will not affect your chewing ability okay!

So this is how I looked that night when I went to meet my friends!

And a few days later!

Hehe! All thanks to Dr Moses and his team of professionals!

If you're keen in pursuing a more redefined look,
you can call GANGNAM LASER CLINIC up to find out more about the list of services that they have.

Gangnam Laser Clinic
The Science of Korean Beauty
1 Maritime Square #03-55 HarbourFront Centre Singapore 099253
1 Raffles Place, Tower 1 #03-04, Shopping Podium Singapore 048616

6275 3381 (HarbourFront)
65368393 (Raffles)
90188415 (Enquiry Hotline)

Trained medical professionals are here to aid you in your journey to achieving flawless skin and beauty that you deserve.
Gain your Gangnam Glow now!

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