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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Post Work-Trip Reflection.
To a lot of my friends out there, I appear to have the
dream life of being able to jet out of Singapore frequently,
and being able to work for myself.

Then, occasionally I get remarks like,
"I wish I could have your job!" or
"Your life so shiok leh, keep traveling."

Am I tired of traveling?
Yes, I am VERY tired.
But if it's for leisure, of course not!

As much as I say that I love my job,
but traveling to China/Hong Kong/Thailand for work,
can be very very exhausting.
Especially, when you feel unaccomplished.

Keeping things light here, because this blog is naked.
Haha, if you can manage to find my super secretive Livejournal which
I keep for blogging and penning thought personal thoughts and reflections,
then lucky you.

There I said it.
I’m scared of sounding ungrateful, but don't worry Sophia!
You're definitely not the cause of me feeling like that!

I'm glad this trip with you has happened too, because we just got to know
each other even better, and deeper! Can't wait for our next~!

And to SuperGurl, I hope you'll bless me with bigger fortune.
And to the 4 SuperGurls I have at work, thank you for helping me out

And to the special you & my family, thank you all
for always being so supportive & encouraging.

I must say that I've been blessed.
Let's keep fighting for the last quarter of 2014!

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