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Saturday, August 30, 2014
Gangnam Laser Clinic
I'm pretty sure most of us here have tried all sorts of 'self-treatment' for our bumpy / scars-filled / pores-filled face
by using different kinds of creams and pills that have claimed to work.
Honestly speaking, I believe that all these creams and pills do work,
but they will definitely take more than a year or even years to achieve your desired results.

Not sure about you, but I'm quite an impatient boy. I have all sorts of face 'tonic' sitting in the toilet table top,
and I have been religiously slapping them onto my face day and night,
popping collagen pills every morning and night for the past two years.
I have also tried all sorts of treatment like diamond peeling, Vitamin C jabs, and even whitening drips.
Uhh yeah, I used to have an almost-flawless skin, but b'cos I had to serve national service for 2 years,
and then that's when things turned hay-wire.

Okay, so Gangnam Clinic invited Francesca, Shijia and I to try out their Express Laser Facial
at their One Raffles Place branch!
Hehe, Gangnam Clinic has been around for quite awhile already,
and they believe in the Korean beauty philosophy that being radiantly beautiful
is an option to everyone - not just to a privileged few.

The entire experience was really pleasant, where we first had Dr Daniel Chang,
explained to us on how we should take care of our faces, the daily routine,
and how break-outs happen.

(No photoshop)

Consultation time after the nurse helped to cleanse my face!

It was a really casual introduction, oh! And I also told him my main concerns
- my clogged pores, and a few areas where they are bumpy!
Psst..! I really do not have a flawless skin :(

So along the way, Dr Daniel explained to me thoroughly on how the Express Laser Facial
can actually help my skin glow better and the step-by-step procedure.

These machines are the ones that will do the job! It will help treat common skin problems
like pigmentation, pimples, enlarged pores and allow our face
to restore its natural radiance in just a couple of minutes! Fast right?

Getting ready with my twist!

Safety goggles to protect my eyes!
You see that silver pen-like looking thing on my face?
It's the first laser (Lutronic) that helps with pores, pimples, and pigmentation!
Followed by the second laser (Lotus), not seen, which will help in toning,
stimulating collagen production, and of course a more glowy skin!

Definitely painless, just by looking at how I could still smile while Dr Daniel was working on my face.

The entire facial only took 10 minutes, woohoo done!
Scrutinizing my face to see if the laser treatment
from Laser Optek (a well-known Korean brand)
really works, and it really did! Hehe!

After the laser was done, I was shifted to another room to put on an
Ice Cool Mask (Hydro-Lifting mask),
that will help in firming, hydration and whitening!

I'm one person who cannot sit still, even for that 10 minutes, I walked around!
Here's Shijia who has also finished her treatment.
Bare face okay, so it shows that the Express Laser Facial works!

Another bare-faced #selfie, which looks a bit too fake right?
I know, but this is to second-prove that the treatment really worked for me!
Post Treatment, just waiting for the nurse to apply repair cream,
that will help replenish moisture.
And not forgetting the sunblock!

Happy Us!
I'm pretty sure you're quite convinced already!
The nurses even told us that it will get better over the next few days!

Heh, so some of you might ask, how long does this last?
It will last for about a month, and it also depends on your skin!
But no harm trying out since it's only SGD$48!
To look good for the next few weeks, why not???

Call now and book an appointment with Gangnam Laser Clinic
to experience a radiant and glowing face!
Price for the first trial is SGD$48 only!
Don't worry, they are not pushy on their packages!

Gangnam Laser Clinic
Website : www.gangnamlaser.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/gangnamlaserclinic
Branch #1: 1 Maritime Square #03-55 Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253 / 6275 3381
Branch #2: 1 Raffles Place, Tower 1, #03-04, Sopping Podium, Singapore 048616 / 6536 8393

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