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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My recent trip to Bangkok,I paid a visit to an extremely delightful relatively huge Cat-themed cafe hidden along the alleys of Sukhumvit Road!
I have never been a big fan of cats, but boy... my face lit up immediately when we entered!
Hehe, it's definitely one of the many cafes you have to plan in your Bangkok itinerary!

We were told to take off our shoes, & wash our hands the moment we stepped into the cafe for hygiene purposes.

Look at the decor, our mouths just couldn't stop going "Fwah! Fwah! Fwah!"
There are two separate sections to this Cat Cafe-Club, the front part is where all visitors got to wash their hands
before entering, and where owners send their cats for grooming!

And... then we entered the cafe, we were even happier! There were too many cats, all over the place!

They even have a little playground for the cats to roam freely, and play!

The cats are allowed to be on our tables, but we were not allowed to feed them,
or else we'll be fined!

Just look at their faces! You'll want to cat-nap (kidnap) all of them home!

This one looks like the Macintosh Snow Leopard! Hehe! Can qualify as the next Apple's OS ambassador!
Snow Kitty~!

He's my favourite, because he kept going through the things in my bag, played with me,
& even slept inside my bag! Butttt... I had a hard time removing all his fur off my bag!

Okay, now to the food part... variety is not that wide though. However they're pretty good with their brewed teas!

Some brownies, served with Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream on the side.

Non-Alcoholic Tiramisu! Okay, they are seriously not that fantastic as I thought they would be.
But, definitely affordable, say SGD$6.00 per serving?
We did not really have much of a choice as well, we couldn't possibly sit around and just play with their cats
without ordering anything. Heh!

The next time you're there, just order ONE DESSERT & probably a drink!

Honestly, it was pretty hard to find this place, as it was quite "hidden from sight".
Just hop onto a cab and tell the driver to head to Sukhumvit Soi 53,
& when you're along that street, just get the driver to SLOW down, and look out for these two!

Orrrrr... alternatively, just call the cafe & get them to direct the cab driver!

Phone:+66 2 108 3604

Closed on Tuesdays

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