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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spent the first half of my Saturday in bed, trying to get rid of the hangover I suffered from Friday night. And then the later part of the day was well spent with 3 ladies! Super impromptu dinner party at my place! The parents bought way too many Salmon fillets (more than 15 pieces of them), and so we decided to throw a Salmon party!

Melody and I in the supermarket! We wanted to do another series of the Chilli padi boy and his princess (click here to view), but we were running out of time! Heh! Managed to grab a passerby to snap this picture for us!

So the Salmon themed party didn't really turn out to be a full salmon party! Because the SGD$1.00 green mussels turned out to be the star of the night, Melody and I just threw in a can of mushroom cream paste, the entire bottle of Pesto sauce, too many table spoons of chopped garlic and some rosemary seasoning! And tadahhh...it turned out so good! We also had Salmon rice bowls, Satay sticks and grilled chicken! Wayyyy too much for just the 4 of us!

Can't wait for our next party!
Have a great Sunday guys! I know the weather is hottttt today!

Track suit from H&M, Floral Top from Bangkok, and Nike Shoes

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