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Sunday, March 31, 2013

So, that old man who's in the first photos (refer to the first picture) got dissed with me because I ran up to the bus stop and sat right next to him, we were only about 2 inches apart, and shouted across to my friend who was the photographer "Eh take here okay?", and somehow I think he understands English, and he just stood up and gave me the death stare. Sigh, people in Singapore... Heh!
Anyways, I've finally found a pair of decent looking Air Jordans, even though it wasn't the pair which my brother and I have been looking high and low for! And if you have noticed, I've dived into the whole sport shoes rave, and when I was in Taiwan awhile back, I came back with 5 pairs of sport shoes! More on Taiwan, in the next few posts!

This Rottweiler bag will be up on my online store in a few days time, so keep a look out for this furkid if you're interested!

On me, I have the FU*K Pullover from WE ARE RUBBISH which I stingily kept the last piece for myself and shorts from Bangkok. These days, I've been thinking a lot, like a lot, about everything and anything. (I always tend to think too much anyway) But I always have to tell myself that sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things we see and have around us. It's easier than ever, these days, to keep telling yourself that everything will be alright. But when it comes down to just you being alone again...the entire vicious cycle repeats itself again and again.
So most of the time, I just tell myself, 'Such is life, sometimes you just gotta suck thumb & live on. Same goes to you people who feel down right now, let's just get on with life!

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