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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If you think that Singapore is getting over-crowded, read on... from what the tour guide told us, the total population of India is about 710 million, which is massive, so I got a little annoyed with all their traffic, and the countless of Indians I saw on the streets.

Cleanliness was definitely a part I will never forget, the streets of India are really dirty and untidy, people living in little huts or just always on the road 'moving homes' with all their luggage and pottery, the polluted air and water, bags of garbage dumped everywhere. Wild dogs, pigs, cows, and even lambs all over which was quite a fearsome sight! There are even kids running about bare-footed and one boy was even clad in a pinafore!

Oh! But the airport was really very clean! Comparable to Singapore Changi Airport!

One instance, when I got the driver to get us some authentic Tandoori chicken from the market, he told me that I was very "rich". It's because the poor ones like him only get to eat meat/chicken during festive seasons, for these meat do not come cheap to them. (Say SGD$3.00 for a roasted chicken & a cleaner there only earns an average of SGD$2.50 a day!?)

With all that aside, I also visited the breathtaking white beauty - Taj Mahal! All that inspiring history of that mind-blowing princess definitely marked as an emblem in my memory forever!

The country's made of the super rich and the super poor, each group is living in different decorum and standards. It's moments like these that make me sad and realise that we have neglected and treasured what we have around us. I count myself lucky to be born and bred in Singapore!

The 14 days I spent in New Delhi was definitely an unforgettable experience!

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