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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love Instagram and am having so much fun on it, so much so that it's the first thing I check whenever I wake up, the last thing I'd do before I hit the sack! It's sucha good (& easy) social media to actually keep track on everyone's life and also there're so many 'artsy farsty' photos to look and admire at, it keeps me entertained!! For those who haven't jumped onto this whole bandwagon, you're definitely missing out man!

Follow me on instagram today (@jxxbingjie)!

Anyways, I'll be heading to the land of thousand smiles in another few hours time! Cannot be anymore excited whenever I plan a trip there! Over the next 5 days, I know I'll be working very hard for the online store, and also having so much fun with Jaclyn and Evon! So remember to follow me on instagram! ;)

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