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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yes, I know these pictures are overwhelming, I have friends who enjoy planning such picnics (of the century), enticing everyone of us with a themed luncheon by the lake, and waking up as early as 8am to prepare chunky grilled drumsticks and whipping up a cheesecake storm! So the other day, Melody decided that she should formally introduce us to her penpal friend, Sophie, by organizing a luncheon! We really love it there, the gardens are so cute, and the weather was just right, but unfortunately we didn't get to stay very long because troops of red ants came to pay a visit. (The Coke bottles doubled up as a red ants-attraction).

What have you been doing to enjoy the nice weather, since we're getting so much of these moist weather these days in Singapore? Go hook up some friends and organize a themed picnic, I'm sure you'll have so much fun! ;)

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