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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not only did it take away 2 years of my time, it took away my 'childish attitude/character' I used to carry with me. & Yes, finally dog days are over, I have finished my job as every Singaporean's son. (FYI, national service is conscripted for all boys here in Singapore) I remember the days where I gave up digging a human-sized shell-scrape and both my buddies dug it for me. I remember the days when we were caught sleeping in bunk, and had to deal with so many punishments, the days when you had to not shower for 6 days straight and endure (enjoy) wild life, and not forgetting the memorable 2-weeks stay we made to India for an overseas exercise.

The two years have taught me so many things and most importantly, the values of life - the importance of your family, treasuring the loved ones around you and learned to deal with issues in a more mature way? & definitely not forgetting shedding more than 40 pounds during these two years! After 730 days of communal living, that feeling of joy, satisfaction, pride, contentment and LIBERTY – it’s finally back again!

Now that it's over, I have more time breathing space to myself, and definitely need to find plans so that everything will fall in place for me. It will be another journey ahead for me...!


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