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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ones who have visited Bangkok would usually not miss this place in their itinerary: the enormous (literally) Chatuchak weekend market!!

A few things to take note before making your way there!

1. Better not to bring your bag (handbag or backpack) as fast-hand pickpockets can operate at any time!
There's always a rotten apple in the barrel, once my friend's bag was sliced with a sharp tool,
and luckily she was fast enough to realise. & Thank god nothing was lost!

2. Always leave your valuables at the hotel!

3. Haggling is a must in most of the stalls!
However some vendors will just tell you that certain items are fixed price, so don't bother to bargain with them.

4. Smoking is prohibited in this entire market! Fine is as serious as 2,000 baht!

5. The weather is really hot (& most of the time, dry). So unless you're someone (like me) who doesn't exactly perspire a lot,
and someone who bothers to wear a little more appropriate, I suggest you dress as little as possible, and always have the Map with you so that you can fan yourself at the same time! Heh!

This stall which I'll never want to miss whenever I visit JJ Market!

To finish off a meal, there is a plethora of hot and cold desserts to choose from, but the 'Must-Have' for me is this Coconut Ice-Cream!

. . .

All my friends know I’m a huge fan of MK – A Suki style restaurant whereby you order ingredients to put into a hotpot! Especially the MK Roasted Duck!

. . .

Bumped into some of my secondary school mates!

. . .

Breakfast at the airport before departure!

The next time when I return to Bangkok, I'll definitely make an effort to sign up for a City Tour! At least, the trip will not be meaningless with all the shoppings and eating sprees!


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