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Monday, October 26, 2009
This song has been on repeat mode since forever. Still wondering why hasn't anyone use this to open a show before!

The flaws on my face, I will tidy them up very soon! These pictures were from last week when only the three of us were at Butter having the time of our life man! Not forgetting thehe jaegerbombs that I had, kept me awake through the nightttt ballz!

School has been fine and fun, just that the amount of work load has started to mount even more and more. How I wish, I was still an intern at MTV Networks where I only worry about very little things. But the saying still stands - all good things will come to an end.

That aside, I have yet to start on my Halloween Project! I seriously need some help to analyse how the fuckin' outfit works, I've settled the make up and the headgear already. Gonna make them tomorrow's night once I've found enough metals for the headgear, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll turn out well. Coupling with the fact that I only have 4 more days down to the actual night, well, in fact 3 nights left. I really don't wanna resort to just going down t Aliwan St and rent a costume. So not original :(

Okay, both my body and brain are totallly drained already, but I'm still gonna go get ready to meet the girls and Patricia Yong with the help of Redbull drink. I just hope to have a good cup of coffee, do a little wardrobe updates, and head home early tonight. Alrighty, have a good day folks!

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